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Thames has a Housing Affordability Crisis

Housing in the Thames Coromandel District is just as unaffordable as it is in Auckland.  Auckland is the 5th least affordable…


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Are Coromandel Frogs Croaking Due to Global Warming?

30 years ago Archey’s frogs were common in the podocarp and broadleaf forest on the high ridges inland from Coromandel Township.  Now, these endangered native frogs are scarce and very hard to find.

Studies have found that up to 85% of the frogs have succumbed to a fungus disease called Chytrid.  What is baffling scientists is why this disease is only just causing such devastating damage to the Archey’s frog population because Chytrid has been around for millions of years.  It is only…


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Damnable Council Dithering Over Tailings Dams

In an earlier blog, I questioned whether the tailings dams at Waihi are earthquake safe

I have now received the latest reports on hazard/earthquake risk for all tailings dams. The reports are perfunctory and/or rely on obsolete research.  Waikato Regional Council has failed to properly regulate these critical structures.  The reports have…


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Public Transport For Small Towns -- Its Time

People living in small towns in Thames-Coromandel District are entitled to and need public transport just as much as their city counterparts.  Funding subsidies for public transport are available for both towns and cities.  Many locals (many of whom are ratepayers) are just as transport disadvantaged as their city peers.  It is unfair and doesn’t make a lot of sense that locals are missing out on an essential core public service. The mindset of past Councils  that only cities should…


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Bold New Plan For Hauraki Gulf Announced

 A new marine spatial plan for the Hauraki Gulf has been launched.  The collaborative policy blueprint, is called Sea Change -Tai Timu Tai Pari and proposes:-

  • new marine protected areas,
  • rules for polluters with emphasis on controlling sediment 
  • changes to commercial fishing methods
  • suggests areas for an expansion of environmentally sustainable marine…

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Visitor Levy for Thames Coromandel ?

New Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has proposed a $5 – $10 a night visitor levy for Auckland.  How about Thames-Coromandel District Council fights back and introduces a levy on those much-loved Aucklanders who clog our roads and supermarkets over summer, and on other New Zealanders, and international tourists who visit the Coromandel?

If the Auckland announcement is…


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Cat Fight Looming ?

see my blog at

Will the new Thames Coromandel District Council and Community Board members be forced to confront the controversial issue of the management of cats?

This seems highly likely after the National Cat Management Strategy Group's …


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Another Quake report Goes Unheeded By Council

see also my blog on Thames Coromandel issues - "TeggTalk" - here 

In my first post I noted that Thames Coromandel Council/Civil Defence had failed to take heed of a May 2016 GNS Science which documented a…


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Could Thames Have a Big One?

What are the risks and likely impacts of an earthquake in Thames?

see my other blog posts on Thames Coromandel issues -  "TeggTalk" here 

As our thoughts go out to the people suffering trauma from the North Canterbury earthquake it is natural to be thinking "could that happen here"?

It turns out that while the risk is still quite remote,…


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Sharing house and/or pet minding for out-of-town holiday times

Hello T3 Friends,

We're looking to make contact with one or more people in the Thames area who have a pet or two, and who may be interested in sharing some house and/or pet-minding for short and medium lengths of time.

Our idea is to find people with a cat or dog or two, who need to have their pet(s) looked after while they're away on holidays - and who would be happy to look after our pet(s) when we're out of town, either for just a weekend…


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Electric vehicles and T3 launches a new blog

Exciting news! More electric vehicles are coming to Thames. And, You can drive one. This month T3 will be hosting an electric vehicle (EV) event at the Thames Civic Centre, where the general public will have the opportunity to drive an EV, talk to experts in the field and some current owners. This event has come about thanks to the determined effort of two of our local EV owner-enthusiasts John and Ian, who are also members of T3.

New Zealand produces 80% of…


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Odee's blog

I have a blog at:

In the past I have posted about solo gigs I've played but lately have posted about being locked out of Facebook and becoming vegan. Something I haven't really written about is finding a film called Cowspiracy which is now financially backed by Leonardo deCaprio. It talks about the affect of the beef and dairy industries on climate change. And here I was biking and hitching everywhere thinking it was… Continue

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Beekeeping Plus Internship Applications Open!

Kai Ora New Zealand!

This year here at the Wilderland Trust we are opening space for three interns to join our apiary team and learn the art of Bee Keeping. On top of caring for the bees you will have the opportunity to work with our dedicated staff as they seek to develop sustainable systems of living in other areas including food production, building and business.

This is a live in internship and accommodation and food is provided. Successful applicants will be passionate about…


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STOP Plastic Pollution from Aquaculture rope offcuts

To: Clevedon Coast Oysters, Moana Pacific and Thames Mussels Ltd

Prevent rope offcuts and any other associated plastic from entering the ocean. This can be achieved by either using biodegradable ropes or by adjusting current practices.

Why is this important?

Plastic rope offcuts are…


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Warning labels at the pumps? Climate-change activist wants to stick it to gas retailers

An activist wants climate-change warning stickers — claiming effects from at-risk caribou to sick children — made mandatory on every gas nozzle. To the surprise of gasoline retailers, some Canadian municipalities are listening.

to


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What Mark S Put on the LTP Site

  1. i support the provision of electric vehicle [EV] charge points in Thames and surrounds.  at present, this major tourism destination has no provision for travellers in Evs.

  2. cycling requires a higher profile in Thames and across the District.  TCDC (with Hauraki District…


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My New Urban Permaculture Project

Hi everybody,

I recently moved to Kerepehi, have bought a property in the village, a house with an 800 square metre section, and am beginning a project to transform it into an urban permaculture property.

I have set up a Facebook Page, and will be posting details of the project as it proceeds, with photos and comments about the issues that come up and how I go about resolving them. I expect this Page to eventually become a resource for urban permaculture, and a place to discuss…


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Can we make Thames a "Foodscape"?

I've got the posting below from Facebook but I have no qualms copying it into T3. The Fruity Trees Carbon Offset project is a step in the right direction. Now let's rip up all those unused lawns that just add to the carbon emissions with whining lawnmowers and get growing food instead.
The photo below has been taken in "Geneva,…

Added by Peter Poeschl on July 8, 2013 at 16:30 — 2 Comments



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